Monday, April 15, 2013

Its Back...

Well, after a relatively blissful 4.5 years, the cancer is back.

Kind of saw that coming with the substantial amount of stress i was going through following a series of unfortunate incidents over the last 2 months. Stress is afterall the catalyst of my relapse in 2007.

Its either the cancer or my failing heart that will eventually get me, but I am surprise that the heart held up better than the cancer.

I did the half yearly scans 2 weeks back. Sadly the last scan shows that there are 2 new lesions on my spine. That makes it 3 lesions on my spine. I just hope that the spine is continue to hold up my body, while I am still kicking. I feel like I still have so much to do, to see, to experience

So, I am now on a new course of drugs since Femara is now no longer able to control the cancer. I am now on Aromasin. Didn't take to the drugs too well initially, but its getting better. I do feel bouts of extreme lethargy that I just have to lie down and close my eyes in the afternoon. And when I am awake, I move like the sloth, haha. But like I say, its getting better. I move a little faster than that now.

And so, my sucky life goes on. Looking forward to my next vacation before my spine crumbles
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Thandi said...

:-( Hope fatigue is the 'worst' you'll get with this new treatment and that the new meds help. We need your spine intact!

Gloria said...

hey Thandi, thanks for your encouragement. I am just thankful that there is still oral medication that I can take, and that I don't need to go thru chemo at this point in time

km coaching said...

Thanks for sharing ur story gloria. It has been an inspiring one. We are all standing on shoulder of giants. My brother has diabetes and wound recently so i feel worried also. I wish you all the best.

Gloria said...

Hi KM, Thanks for dropping by. Having diabetes and a wound is worrying. Hope he is getting treatment, and getting better.